Fiberglass Rod (2mm-8mm)
Kite Culture Fiberglass Rod (2mm-8mm) from $1.00
Diameters: 2mm-8mm Length Per Piece: 120cm Type: Rods (2mm and 3mm), Tubes (4mm-8mm)
Kite Making Tyvek Material 1.5m per piece
Kite Culture Kite Making Tyvek Material 1.5m per piece $9.00
Tyvek is an excellant choice for kite workshops. DuPontª Tyvek¨ is a spunbonded olefin family of tough, durable products that are stronger than paper and more cost-effective and versatile than fabrics. Made from high-density polyethylene fibers, it is an extremely versatile material, offering a balance of physical characteristics that combine the best properties of paper, film and cloth. The material will not tear, you can use cutting tool to cut. You can also decorate tyvek with colouring materials such as markers, acrylic paints, crayon etc. Our Type 1443R Tyvek feel like cloth.Ê 40g/sq. meter. 150cm Width.
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Resin Tubes 120cm (5mm-8mm)
Kite Culture Resin Tubes 120cm (5mm-8mm) $4.00
Type: Resin Tubes Length: 120cm Outer Diameter: 5mm-8mm
Tapered Rods - 130cm Pair Tapered Rods - 130cm Pair
Kite Culture Tapered Rods - 130cm Pair $10.00
Pair of tapered roods with internal ferrule 130cm Per Pair
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