30m Giant Cobra Kite 30m Giant Cobra Kite
Kite Culture 30m Giant Cobra Kite $35.00
Size(W*L): 30m Long including Tail Sail: Ripstop Polyester Frame: Fiberglass Line not included Recommended Add-on: 26cm Reel with line 
Sold out
40m Giant King Cobra Kite
Kite Culture 40m Giant King Cobra Kite $39.00
Size(W*L): 220 Wide 40m Long Frame: Fiberglass Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate Recommended add-ons: 26cm White Reel with line
15m Cobra Kite
Kite Culture 15m Cobra Kite $12.00
Size(W*L): 100*100cm Total Length: Approx 12m Frame: Fiberglass Skill Level: Beginner Free 30m Line on Winder Recommended add-ons: 18cm Black Reel with 250m 60lbs Line
Sold out
68m Giant Green Cobra
Kite Culture 68m Giant Green Cobra $88.00
Size: 180*200cm (68m including tail) Sail: Ripstop nylon Frame: Carbon + Resin Line not included
Sold out
15m Green Cobra Kite
Kite Culture 15m Green Cobra Kite $15.00
Size: 100*110cm (14.5m including Tail) Sail: Ripstop polyester Frame: Fiberglass include 50m Line with D-handle
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