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DIY and drawing Kites

Browse our various models of DIY kites. Design and colour them with markers or simply just fly them. Highly recommended for schools and community events.

DIY and Drawing Kites

Children and family Kites

Explore our wide selection of small to medium sized kites. Their size are suitable and brings loads to fun to children and families. 

Children and family Kites

Giant Kites

Choose from our selection of giant kites that will draw lots of attention. Be prepared for a strong pull from these kites. Not suitable for young children.

Giant Kites

Reels and Lines

Reels, lines and winders to fly your kites. Get the reels to fly them higher and pull them base with ease. 

Reels and lines

LED Night Kites

Light up the night with LED fitted kites. Fix up some LED lights to your kite or get the night kite that comes with lights.

LED Night Kites

Beginner's Choice

Too many choices and just need something that is easy to fly? View our specially selected designs that are best for beginners. 

Beginner's Choice

Kite Making and Flying Workshops

Customised workshops to build cohesion for your organisation. We provide instructor services. 

Camping Essentials

Essential Chairs, tables and cots to make camping comfy.

Children and family kites DIY Kites

Get inspired!


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