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Giant Swan Float
Kite Culture Giant Swan Float $59.90
Join in the fun with the most popular and coolest luxury pool floats. This float have been constantly appearing on the instagram and social feeds. Find #swanlife to see what fun you have been missing out. Hurry up and join in the fun. Made of heavy duty vinyl and 2.06m long.
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Giant Pink Flamingo Float
Kite Culture Giant Pink Flamingo Float $59.90
Size: 180*160*120cmWe have the prettiest flamingo float around. We have sold to celebrities and they love it.We have limited stock for this item. Get it now while stocks last. Comes with special quick release valve for quick inflatation and deflation.Able to inflate with hair dryer with cool air function.
Giant donut float
Kite Culture Giant donut float $29.90
Grab these giant donut floats made of high quality vinyl. Portable and perfect for any pool activity. Size: 120cm
Giant Pegasus Pool Float
Kite Culture Giant Pegasus Pool Float $39.90
Size: 270cm
Giant Candy Unicorn Float Giant Candy Unicorn Float
Kite Culture Giant Candy Unicorn Float $59.90
Comes with special quick release valve for quick inflation and deflation. Able to inflate with hair dryer with cool air function.
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Pizza float
Kite Culture Pizza float $49.90
Size: 180*150cmOur high quality Pizza floats are fresh out of the oven.The best quality pizza floats around.Satisfaction guaranteed.While stocks last. Buy it or miss it!
Pineapple Ring Pool Float
Kite Culture Pineapple Ring Pool Float $29.90
Size: 160*90cm
Heart Pool Float
Kite Culture Heart Pool Float $24.90
Size: 115*115cm 
Pastel Pony float
Kite Culture Pastel Pony float $39.90
Size: 250*190*130cm
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Toucan Pool float
Kite Culture Toucan Pool float $39.90
Size: 180*150*110cm
Cherry Pool float Cherry Pool float
Kite Culture Cherry Pool float $49.90
Size: 180*140*35cm 
Flamingo Ring Pool float
Kite Culture Flamingo Ring Pool float $29.90
Size: 120*120cm
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