Welcome to Kite Culture! Thank you for visiting our website and giving us your support! We are an online retailer based in Singapore and proudly among the largest kite providers in Singapore and always up-to-date with new products. By bringing hundreds of designs and products for beginners, we wish to to promote kite flying in Singapore as a healthy lifestyle activity for families, friends and groups. We import, stock and provide an ever expanding selection of kites ranging from affordable entry level kites to selected professional kites at your convenience right to your doorstep.

Our Services

  • We have Hundreds of designs in stock with best prices!
  • Online Sales and delivery services
  • Single, Corporate and Bulk Sales
  • Customized Advertisement and Event Kites
  • Kite Workshops
  • Imported & Designer Kites
  • Kite Making and Repair Parts
  • Imported Designers Kites
  • Wholesale
  • We also specialise in import/export, bulk purchase and manufacturing of:
  • Vinyl and rubber fittings
  • Carbon fiber glass poles, tubes, plates and flats
  • Kites and accessories
  • Kite Reels
  • Pool Floats

Many more items, contact us with the items you need. We will source for the items for you.

We can develop and produce according to customers' requests.

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