Are the stock status accurate?
The stocks status are relatively accurate. However, some of the stocks status might differ slightly due to the time lapse when off line orders are updated. Please submit your orders, we will contact you if there are unavailable products and you will have the optional to change the items or cancel the products or orders.
How long does it take for delivery?
We are several different options for delivery ranging from 24 hours to 7 days. Prices varies with order total amount days to delivery. Please submit your order online to check the delivery charges.

Can I choose the time for deliver?
As our deliveries are done by courier companies, you will not be able to choose the time for delivery.

Product Related

Is flying line included with the kites?

We will provide free complimentary 50m Line with handle for all small and medium kites. Reels add-ons are optional but recommended to fly the kites higher and for easier handling of the kite. For all large kites (above 2m in width), flying lines are not included.

Can the kites be folded for storage and transport?

Yes all kites can be folded. Most kites are folded down to a pole shape. Folded length varies for all products. Bringing the kites around are similar bringing closed umbrellas around.

Are kite bags provided?
All kites above $8 comes packed in a fabric or vinyl bags. Kite $8 or below comes packed in plastic bags.

Are there assembly Instructions provided?
It varies between different products from different manufacturers. Not all kites includes instructions. Most kites requires basic assembly thus no instructions are given. However please feel free to contact us if there is any difficulty.

This is my first time flying kites, do you have any recommended products?

Check out the beginner's choice category. These kites are suitable for both adults and children. Many of these items are out best sellers. If you are looking for something big, check out Beginner Giant Kites categories. They are suitable for adults who are beginners but want to very big kite.

Refunds and exchange
Cancellations are not allowed once order is processed. Items are not refundable and exchangeable once delivery have been dispatched.

For damaged items, please email us directly for exchange details.
In the event that cancellation of an order is approved by us, a restocking fee may be charged.

Payment Related
How are cancellations refunds made? Refunds will be made back through the original payment type. 

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