Care and proper usage of floats:

  • Do not over-inflate the float
  • Do not overload the float
  • Do not place the float in water overnight
  • Do not jump on the float if the float is on hard ground
  • Do not drag the float on the ground
  • Use the pump in 5 minute intervals. Let it cool after 5 minutes of use to avoid overheating.
  • Do not let the electric pump come into contact with water

After use:

  • Please use the electric pump to deflate the float
  • Rinse the float with fresh water before drying
  • Make sure the there is no water inside the float
  • Drain off any water inside the float
  • If the float was used on seawater, please ensure to pump fresh water to rinse the inside of the water before draining off the water.
  • Take note and report any damage of the float

When returning:

  • Please ensure that the float is dry and free of sand (both inside and outside)
  • Report any damage of the floats
  • Fold the float nicely and neatly
  • If you would like to purchase and keep the rental items, please contact us for a price quote

After returning:

  • We will check the float and refund the deposit within 1 week if the float is returned in good and cleaned condition.
  • In the event that the float is not returned in good and cleaned condition: Minimum $25 cleaning fee per float will be charge if the float is not dry or has sand particles
  • Damage fee up to full deposit paid will be charged if there are damages to the items


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