Reel 18cm with 250m 60lbs Line

Kite Reel suitable for small to mid sized kites

Line: 60lbs Polyester line

Length: Approx 250m

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Availability date: 2018-09-20
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Compact reel makes quick work of winding.
This reel combines the capacity and compactness of a hoop spool with the convenience and speed of a ball bearing reel.
A ceramic line guide makes line feeding smooth and straight. The folding handle locks the reel in place when you want to stop letting out line and when you stow the reel.
Ideal for small to medium kites flown on long lines, it's 18cm in diameter and takes in a whopping 50cm of line per turn.
includes 250m 60lbs White Polyester Line
Reel suitable for lines up to 120-lb test.
Reel not suitable for kites with wingspan above 200m
Kite Connector included

 Current stock in pink and green colour.
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