Guide - Types of fabrics for our kites

Heres a brief guide to the types of materials used for our kites. These are some categories of commonly used fabrics to makes our kites. Ther materials are not litmied to the following  and each category can also come in different grades and quality when made from different manufactueres.


  • Ripstop Nylon

Ripstop nylon fabrics are tear resistant, lightweight and durable. This material is the most commonly used materials for good quality kites. Modern ripstop nylon are often coated to prevent stretch. All kites labelled with ripstop nylon fabrics on our website are made with high quality coated ripstop nylon of export quality. Lower quality budget fabrics and ripstop polyester are sometimes misrepresented and named ripstop nylon but they are often not made of nylon materials. High grades of ripstop nylon are often also referred to as parachute fabrics in a number of asian countries. However, do note that not all parachute fabrics are of good ripstop nylon quality.


  • Ripstop Polyester

Ripstop polyester is used for most of our children and family kites. As the price of ripstop polyester fabrics are generally cheaper than most kites made with ripstop nylon, they are used to make most of our affordable kites priced below $25. This fabric is often mistaken and misrepresented as ripstop nylon. Kites labellled on our website with ripstop polyester fabric are generally of acceptable quality


  • Polyester

Polyester fabric is also available in non ripstop version. These are used to make smaller kites as smaller  kites generally do not have very strong pull and do not need the additional reinforcement to prevent tearss


  • Parachute fabric 

This term for fabric have been used in some asian countries in the recent years. The term originated from China which produces the bulk of mass produced kites in the world. Parachute fabric have been used to describe fabrics that are similar to those use for parachutes. This has been often used to differciate the good quality ripstop fabrics that are better quality than cheaper kites made from other ripstop polyester and polyester fabrics. Most of the parachute fabrics are light weight, tear resistant and coated thus giving a smooth shiny surface. Good ripstop nylon materials can often be categorised as parachute fabrics but note that not all parachute fabrics are of good ripstop nylon grades. 


  • Parachute Cloth 

Soft Parachute Cloth are is actually lightweight ripstop nylon.  The term originated from China and are often used to make deltas that can fly even in lightest wind. 



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